Windsurf Classes

Windsurf Classes

Windsurf Classes in Martinhal, Sagres

Are you fascinated by the Windsurf sails on the sea and the horizon? Are you attracted to Windsurfing?

So take this oportunity to learn in Safety, to Windsurf in one of the best locations in the World with our helpfull qualified Team.

Take the first small steps to a new sport that will give you years of fun on lakes, seas and oceans of the World.

Let yourself be carried away by the breeze.

Windsurf try out

First contact with Windsurfing and its concepts. Within the reach of all those who desaire to be carried away by the breeze.


This 8 hour course is for all those who want to start and learn Windsurfing safely. It is a well sructured and proven course with a high sucess rate.


This 2/4 hour course is an oportunity for the Windsurfer to improve, and is constructed to suit the client. 


This 2/4 hour course is an oportunity for the Windsurfer to improve, and learn advanced manuvers and is constructed to suit the client.


For the Windsurfer who wishes to recall some specific concepts, so that he can continue to improve.

Private lesson

As in other sports, also in Windsurfing, it is in the small details that lies the difference. Through personalized lessons, the contents covered will allow a faster and more solid improvment.



Price List

Windsurf try outPrice per person
1 hour Kid (6 to 11 years old) 55 € * **
1,5 hours Junior (12 to 16 years old) 55 € * **
1,5 hours Adult 55 € * **
   * 2 people: 50 € each
** 3+ people: 45 € each

6 hours Kid 250 €
8 hours Adult 280 €

2 hours 120 €
4 hours 200 €

2 hours 130 €
4 hours 220 €

1 hour (equipment not included) 60 €
 Price per person
Important Notes:
  • Damaged or lost equipment is the clients responsability (except Beginner/Try Out)
  • Wetsuit, harness, life jackets and helmets are included on the price
  • Private Lessons don't inclued equipment hire
  • Booking equipment is valid only for 1 day or more
  • The lessons and tours maybe shorter if there is less than 3 persons


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Beginner's Lessons

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